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Ensuring Equal Rights: Nancy Shukri Highlights PWD Policy Initiatives

Ensuring Equal Rights: Nancy Shukri Highlights PWD Policy Initiatives

KUALA LUMPUR, Sept 23 — Datuk Seri Nancy Shukri, the Women, Family and Community Development Minister (KPWKM), has emphasized that actions are underway related to the Policy on Persons with Disabilities (PWD). The objective is to make certain that this demographic enjoys equal chances and is fully involved in societal activities.
She mentioned that this policy touches upon 15 pivotal areas, which encompass advocacy, health, rehabilitation, accessibility, education, employment, and exploration, among others.

“This year, the ministry’s plan includes two studies on PWDs specifically their opportunities in getting employed and support system for PWD caregivers."

“The programme which is expected to start next year will allow the caregivers involved to make their task as a career and no longer a voluntary effort, with the Social Institute of Malaysia as the main agency to help the ministry provide courses and training.,” she elaborated.

This announcement was made during the Malaysian Association of the Blind (MAB) 2021/2022 Excellence Achievement Award event. Nancy's words were relayed by the Social Welfare Department's PWD Development Division head, Zuhami Omar. She shared figures indicating that as of the previous July, out of the 663,650 PWDs recorded nationwide, 57,043 were individuals with visual impairments.

Discussing employment data, she mentioned that around 3,800 PWDs, equating to 0.31 per cent, had secured roles in the public service by the conclusion of the preceding year.
She referenced a policy from 1988 which stated that “At least one per cent of PWDs should be employed in the public sector.” This guideline underscores the need for various government departments, entities, and municipal bodies to proactively support this directive.

“At KPWKM, we have exceeded the one per cent target with 144 (1.77 per cent) out of 8,138 positions filled by PWDs,” she informed.

Turning her attention to education, Nancy noted that the representation of visually impaired students in integrated educational setups was currently modest but expressed optimism about seeing an uptick in these numbers soon.

During this occasion, awards were conferred upon 19 PWDs, celebrating their commendable achievements in academics, business, and sports arenas. — MalayMail, Bernama

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